What to Read Next If You Loved… A Curse So Dark and Lonely

So I really loved reading A Curse So Dark and Lonely. I enjoyed the retelling of a much-loved classic, I loved the characters, I loved the twist at the end… everything! I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I was at a bit of a loss over what to read next. In case you were feeling the same, I’ve compiled this handy list on what you might enjoy next based on your favourite element in A Curse So Dark and Lonely!

You’re welcome.

If you loved the retelling…


While it doesn’t follow the tale of Beauty and the Beast quite as closely as A Curse So Dark and Lonely does, A Court of Thorns and Roses (I just realised how similar the rhythm of those two titles are, hm) is still a tale of a cursed land ruled by a cursed leader, and a girl who can only break that curse with love. Plus it has that heart wrenching moment of letting go of the one you love, even if it dooms yourself. I’m a sucker for that kind of torture.

If you loved the dual perspective…


I am such a huge fan of multiple points of view in a novel, so I was thrilled when I was only expecting Harper’s, and was blessed with Rhen’s perspective as well. There’s just so much it adds to the story, especially when the characters’ worlds are vastly different. The same is true of the two main characters in To Kill A Kingdom. One is a siren princess, the other a pirate prince who hunts her. It’s such a joy to experience both worlds of sea and land, and watch their stories slowly entangle.

If you loved the shapeshifting…


It wouldn’t be a Beauty and the Beast retelling without the beast. I loved being able to experience the full force of Rhen’s curse after hearing about the monster for so long, even if he sounded terrifying. Sky Hawkins in Fire and Heist isn’t quite so terrifying, but she does have some wicked powers. Fire and Heist is such a fun book about a were-dragon family and a coming-of-age heist, as well as learning how to stretch your wings… literally.

If you loved the parallel world…


It’s the kind of magic I know we’ve all dreamed about before: Going about your daily life and suddenly finding yourself transported into a fantasy world. Just like Harper, Alexandra Jennings finds herself whisked away into a parallel universe known as Medora. She studies at the school of Akarnae until she can be sent home, but becomes completely wrapped up in her new world. I would be too – Medora sounds amazing and I’m booking my trip there ASAP!

If you loved the curse…


Curses are one of my favourite elements in a fantasy novel. Blue has been told her entire life that if she kisses her true love, he will die. Her solution was to just stay away from boys – especially those who attend Aglionby. But when she becomes caught up in Richard Gansey’s quest to find the resting place of a dead Welsh king, she finds it hard to keep from fulfilling her curse. The Raven Boys also features multiple perspectives, a little bit of magic, and a whole lot of Latin.

I hope this list helps while you’re scanning the shelves of your local bookstore! What was your favourite element of A Curse So Dark and Lonely? Will you be trying any of these ones?

See you at the book meet on Tuesday!


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