The YA Room is a Melbourne YA book club! We meet at Dymocks Melbourne on the last Sunday of each month to discuss our Book of the Month. We also run other events throughout the year and host book launches! Follow us on all our social media platforms to keep up to date on what we’re up to.

For any business enquires, please email us at theyaroom [at] gmail [dot] com



About the creators:


Sarah Robinson-Hatch

Sarah Robinson-Hatch is a student who, when not dwelling in fantasy worlds or outer space, resides in Melbourne.

Sarah has won a number of writing awards and hopes to one day have a novel published. Her favourite things to write about are teenagers saving the human race during world-ending cataclysms and death scenes, both of which probably freak her out more than any potential readers.

When she’s not writing, she can be found trying to wrangle fifteen novels onto a bookstore counter, thinking of how she can best make readers cry, or fangirling to the point of hyperventilating over fan-art, movie trailers and authors favouriting her Tweets.

She thinks every type of weather is reading weather and refuses to leave the house without two books in her bag — just in case she finishes the first one. You can find her on Twitter @SarahRHatch or on her blog, Written Word Worlds.


Alexandra Panzarino

Alexandra Panzarino is currently very behind on her TBR.

She often spends more time selling books to fellow readers — although, her favourite books tend to leave her debating her entire being as well as including some epic ultimatum. While struggling from reading and well… reading, Alexandra is found either tweeting straight through the night or binge watching anime and Gilmore Girls.

Besides her passionate reading and TV watching, Alex (also know as Alice and Alec) is also very fond of all things pasta and fake blood. You can find her on almost every social media including Twitter @ZombieBooktuber!