What #LoveOzYA Means to Me | Ashleigh Meikle

Today we’d like to share this wonderful compilation of #LoveOzYA book reviews by Ashleigh, an Aussie book blogger! We absolutely love these selections, and there’s definitely a few books we’ll have to keep an eye out for.

Thank you, Ashleigh!

The YA Room Logo 2500x2500In this post, I have discussed what #LoveOzYA means to me, and included a selection of my 2017 #LoveOzYA posts – about 6 out of 36 posts relating to #LoveOzYA in general. As such, the rest of the posts are tagged and under a “#LoveOzYA” category on my blog for further exploration. I have also included a list of some favourite #LoveOzYA books at the end of the post.


Sky by Ondine Sherman


When her mother dies, Sky is sent to live with her aunt and uncle in a small town, where she finds fitting in and making new friends difficult. Yet, through her grief, she finds something to fight for – farm animal rights, where she pushes to discover the truth about a local industry that dramatically conflicts with her vegan lifestyle, and the popular girls who have sort of welcomed her into their group. This wasn’t my favourite novel of the year, and starting it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, what I did enjoy was that it endeavoured to give a different perspective on an issue that fires many people up and did so in a way that didn’t shove an agenda at the reader. It is about finding yourself and staying true to yourself. A link to the full review is below:

https://ashleighmeikle.com.au/2017/07/09/sky-by-ondine-sherman/Read More »


Q&A with Gabrielle Tozer

Gabrielle Tozer is one of our favourite #LoveOzYA authors (not that we pick favourites, but if we did, she would be one of them… shhh), and we’re so excited to share this little Q&A with you for #LoveOzYA Month! We hope you like it!

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Why is #LoveOzYA important to you?

Australia is brimming with creative writing talent – and it’s important to support local industries! We have a wonderful #LoveOzYA community filled with authors, bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, editors, publishers, publicists, agents, designers – and everyone else who toils passionately behind the scenes – and I want to do my tiny bit to help keep this hardworking and essential corner of the literary community thriving. If we want local stories to keep being published for all audiences, then it’s not just important to elevate Australian voices – it’s essential.

Absolutely! There’s so many talented people in the #LoveOzYA community, and we’re so thankful for all the work they do. Our community wouldn’t be the same without everyone’s spectacular contributions, no matter how small they may seem!

What are some of your favourite Aussie books at the moment?

I’m pregnant and close to popping so my reading list has been waaay more non-fiction-based and medical than usual. However, in between all the baby-prepping, I really enjoyed Pip Harry’s Because of You. It tackles such tough issues in a sensitive and beautiful way, plus its based in an area of Sydney that I’ve spent a lot of time and she nailed it. The mood, the feel, all of it. Eliza Henry-Jones’ YA newbie P Is For Pearl (which comes out in 2018) is next on my bedside table TBR list! Read More »

Why Write YA? | Nadia King

 Today for our fantastic month of #LoveOzYA goodness, we have a piece by Aussie author Nadia King about why she writes YA! We’re so excited to read her novel, Jenna’s Truth, soon! It sounds absolutely amazing, and we’re always looking for more books to add to our ever-growing TBRs.

Thank you, Nadia!

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A couple of years ago, if you had told me I would be writing YA fiction I would have laughed in your face. It didn’t occur to me to write for a YA audience I kinda just fell into it. My journey into YA fiction started with a Youtube video. Watching it had such an acute impact on me that I abandoned my general fiction manuscript. Instead I picked up my pen to write in response to the video which frankly rocked my world. It didn’t rock my world in a good way, I kinda fell into a hole. Actually it wasn’t really a hole, it was more like a pit of sadness and despair. Oftentimes writers write stories to make sense of the world and sometimes we write to process an emotional response.

My book Jenna’s Truth was written in response to the tragic loss of Canadian teen, Amanda Todd and my story offers an alternative ending to teen suicide. Using words I aspire to draw a human connection. Isn’t that why any writer writes? We cross our fingers and crave to forge a connection through the stories that play out in our minds.

Writing for a YA audience gives writers an opportunity to pen stories that reach marginalised youth. By doing so, we offer a faint glimpse of hope. The reason I write YA fiction is to share the hope I see with the youth I worry about.


N.L.King was born in Dublin, Ireland and now calls Australia home. She is passionate about using stories to connect with teens.

Nadia adores words and enjoys writing short stories such as Triangulo AmorosoDisappointmentThe Peka Peka Expressway and Other Routes to Progress, and Dinner’s Ready.

Jenna’s Truth is her first book. It’s a gripping story which explores the themes of cyberbullying, teen drinking, sex, and suicide, and is a powerful tool to arm teens against bullying.

Nadia lives near the Swan River in Western Australia and is currently working on a coming-of-age YA novel centred on family abuse.

#LoveOzYA Zine | Stef Galvin

DAY TWO of #LoveOzYA Month and we have our very first guest post / video by Stef Galvin! She created an awesome #LoveOzYA zine for our YouTube channel, and you can also watch her video below! It’s so cool! We hope you love it as much as we do.

Thank you, Stef!

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Hello! Happy #LoveOzYA celebration month!

Over the last 12 months I’ve been drawn into the #LoveOzYA world and I have to say, it’s been an absolutely delightful experience. The variety and the quality of the books available by Australian authors now (compared to when I was in the actual age bracket for YA) is incredible and so many of my favourite reads of the last 12 months have been #LoveOzYA.

To help The YA Room celebrate this month, I have created a zine of some of my favourite #LoveOzYA book recommendations. You can check out the video of how I made it over on The YA Room’s youtube channel, and, if you’re interested in downloading a copy of it, you can find the link down below.

Enjoy all things #LoveOzYA this month, friends!

Stef ❤️


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#LoveOzYA Bingo Challenge TBR

Our month of #LoveOzYA goodness is almost upon us! In just two days, the Bingo Challenge will commence and the first of our posts and videos will be uploaded both here and to our YouTube channel! We have so many exciting things to share with y’all, so make sure you’re following all of our social media so you don’t miss anything!

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In case you’re unsure about how the #LoveOzYA Bingo Challenge is going to work, check out this post.

If you’re in Melbourne, don’t forget to come along to our #LoveOzYA picnic next month too! Free tickets are available here.

LoveOZYA Bingo Square TextRead More »

#LoveOzYA Bingo Recommendations

Our #LoveOzYA Month is fast approaching! If you don’t already know, we’re going to be hosting a #LoveOzYA Bingo Challenge throughout December. If you don’t know how that works, check out this post!

We hope you’ll all get involved – it’s going to be a lot of fun, and if that isn’t incentive enough, there’s also prizes to be won!

Below are just some of the books you might choose to read for each category. This isn’t an exclusive list, so feel free to read anything else you feel fits in each category, as long as it’s YA and written by an Aussie author! Though we’re a bit lenient on the “Aussie” thing – if they’ve ever lived in Australia for a period of time or are seen as a #LoveOzYA author, that’s good enough! We’re not demanding to see birth certificates!

If you have any recommendations for any of the below squares, please comment them down below and we’ll add them to the list!

Once you’ve made you TBRs, we’d love to see them, so please link them down below as well and we’ll share them across our social media!Read More »


Are you ready for our most exciting announcement since we told y’all that we were going to be taking over the Melbourne YA bookish scene with our monthly meet ups and online chats?

Are you ready to hear about the best YA event in Melbourne this January?

Are you ready for…


That’s right! We’ve been hinting about doing something like this for a while now, and we’re so thrilled to announce that we’re doing our first one-day festival. We’re showcasing not only some of your favourite Aussie authors, but also some of Australia’s best booktubers and bloggers!

It’s going to be a full day of discussions and Q&As, and there are a ton of bookish prizes to be won! Refreshments will be provided.


11.00: Arrive

11.15 – 12.00: Panel 1: Booktube Brilliance

12.15 – 1.00: Panel 2: Teens to the Front

1.00 – 1.20: Lunch

1.30 – 2.15: Panel 3: Aussie Authors

2.30 – 3.15: Panel 4: Insights from the Industry

3.30: End

We hope you’re as excited for this amazing day as we are! Please scroll down for more information about the four panels, and who our fantastic panelists will be.

UPDATE: We’re currently trying to raise enough money to get a bigger venue to allow more people to come to YA Day, we’ve started a Kickstarter campaign! Simply pledge $15 or more to secure your spot at our day of festivities. Even if you’re not able to make it and would like to support us anyway, every dollar helps!

Click here to pledge to our Kickstarter.

The YA Room

Panel 1: Booktube Brilliance

Chami | ReadLikeWildfire

19400442_1896401707243376_7124524802373569085_oChami is an twenty year-old BookTuber at ‘ReadLikeWildFire’ (Soon to be called ‘IsThatChami’) who spends most of her time in a small little corner of the internet, harbouring copious amounts of books and unhealthy reading habits. After all the whining and crying about fictional characters that happened in her youth, Chami decided in late 2014 that enough was enough. So she looked to the joys of YouTube for people who understood her pain and immense love for literature, and alas, she found a home.

YouTube | Website | Twitter | Instagram

Lily | LilyCReads

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 7.46.06 pm

Lily is a a 19 year old booktuber, who has been making book related videos for about a year and a half.

She reviews books she’s recently read, as well as create a variety of book related content on her YouTube channel.

YouTube | Twitter | Instagram

Piéra Forde

PieraForde4TNPiéra Forde is a BookTuber, actor and animal enthusiast who is known for her honest, quirky book reviews and book to screen adaptations of some popular YA books.

After spending most of her childhood with her face stuck in a book and no one to talk with about them, Piéra took to YouTube to share her love of all things fantasy and since then has amassed a large following of other bookworms with similar passions.

YouTube | Twitter | Instagram

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Panel 2: Teens to the Front

Lissa Finger


Lissa is an avid reader with “Nevernight” by Jay Kristoff, Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde, Akarnae by Lynette Noni and the Fairyland series by Catherynne M. Valente among her favourites.

She is a passionate fan of Hamilton and Sofia the First. She also spends way too much time stalking people on Twitter.

Blog | Twitter | Instagram

Sam Barnes


Sam Barnes is a recent year-twelve graduate who is most noted for his sarcasm, self-deprecation and sass. When not procrastinating, he prefers jamming out to Billie Eilish than reading a book, and can be found editing videos surrounded by week-old iced coconut milk coffee mugs.

In the near future, he aims to focus on his passions of photography and writing, but in the mean time, remains to do nothing productive. You can find him online below.

YouTube | Twitter | Instagram

Anisha | Sprinkled Pages

66Anisha is a 17 year old bookish person obsessed with – wait for it – reading (wow, who would have thought?).

She also loves baking and rainy days.

But in all seriousness reading is the best which is why she started her blog, YouTube channel and bookstagram!

Blog | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram

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Panel 3: Aussie Authors

Shivaun Plozza

Shivaun Plozza

Shivaun Plozza is a Children’s and YA writer. Her debut novel about a girl called Frankie is titled Frankie and her activity book about medieval Europe is called Medieval Europe. Because she’s inventive like that.

Her short story ‘The Point’ is part of Where the Shoreline Used to Be, an anthology of YA fiction. Other short works have appeared in Above WaterVivid and The Victorian Writer. When she’s not writing she’s beavering away as an editor and manuscript assessor. Her next YA book is Tin Heart.

Website | Twitter | Instagram

Alison Evans

alison evans

Alison is the author of the queer sci fi YA book Ida, a maker of zines and co-editor of Concrete Queers.

They write stories about weird stuff, magic,  gender and plants.

Website | Twitter | Instagram


Michael Pryor

Pryor1cropped lo res

Michael Pryor writes fantasy and science fiction, mostly for teenagers. He has published more than thirty-five novels and 50 something short stories. He is one of the co-publishers of Aurealis, Australia’s longest running Fantasy and SF magazine.

He has been shortlisted for the Aurealis Award seven times, and seven of his books have been CBCA Notable books.

Website | Twitter | Instagram

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Panel 4: Insights from the Industry

Catriona | Little Book Owl

CF3Catriona is has been making bookish videos on her BookTube channel, Little Book Owl, for over six years.

When she’s not reading, she can be found staring at her bookshelves longingly or playing video games. She is the Digital & Social Media Coordinator for Bloomsbury Publishing Australia.

YouTube | Twitter | Instagram

Kate O’Donnell


Kate O’Donnell is a writer, editor and bookseller specialising in children’s and young adult literature.

She has a BA in History and French from the University of Melbourne and studied Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT.

Untidy Towns is her first novel.

Website | Twitter | Instagram

Danielle Binks

Danielle Binks_15Danielle Binks is a writer and reviewer, with a particular interest in youth literature. In 2016 she joined literary agency, Jacinta di Mase Management, as ‘Agent-at-Large’ – seeking authors of Young Adult (YA) and Middle Grade (MG) fiction works.

In 2017, she edited and contributed to Begin, End, Begin: A #LoveOzYA Anthology, of new Australian young adult writing – inspired by the #LoveOzYA movement – and released by HarperCollins.

Website | Twitter | Instagram

Nadja Poljo


Nadja is a publicist at Text Publishing.