My Favourite #LoveOzYA Reads | Jessica Maree

Today we have another excellent Aussie book blogger who’s here to share her favourite #LoveOzYA reads! This is such a great selection, so if you’re yet to pick up some of these novels, then we definitely recommend doing so!

Thank you, Jessica!

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Hello fellow YA readers! Have you ever gone looking for some YA recommendations, but the suggested books are quite old? As in, published at least a decade ago? Often, the reason these books are recommended is because they are considered ‘classics’. But, one of the reasons that I went looking for recommendations in the first place is because I wanted to discover something I didn’t already know about!

So, to celebrate #LoveOZYA this month, I decided to list my favourite five OZYA reads that have been published in recent years — more specifically, since 2015. Hopefully some of you might discover something new! Read More »


Q&A with Cally Black

As a part of our #LoveOzYA Month, we have the spectacular Cally Black here to talk all about the books she’s looking forward to reading, why she loves the #LoveOzYA community, and what sci-fi books she recommends! In the Dark Spaces was one of our favourite #LoveOzYA sci-fi books of the year, so we’re super excited to have Cally answer a few of our questions!

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What do you love most about the #LoveOzYA community?

I love that the #LoveOzYA community is so inclusive. I just dabbled a little toe in the water by going to Reading Matters and Vicki Wakefield said, ‘Come meet everyone.’ And just like that… I’m part of this group of people who love Aus YA. And I love that we’e all totally obsessed with books.

We couldn’t agree more! Everyone in the #LoveOzYA community is so welcoming and supportive.

Speaking of lovely authors such as Vikki Wakefield, if you could write a book with any other Aussie author, who would you choose and in which genre would you like to write?

Oh no! What a question. I’d like to spy on Margo Lanagan writing, but I think I’d get in her way, so perhaps Amie Kaufman? She has so much knowledge about YA fiction and what works and how to make writing a priority and get it done professionally. She’s a powerhouse of knowledge, that woman, and so lovely and generous.Read More »

Writing YA | Taryn Bashford

The next instalment in our month of #LoveOzYA goodness is a piece written by Aussie author, Taryn Bashford! We loved reading about her life as a writer and why she writes YA. We can’t wait to read her novel, The Harper Effect!

Thank you, Taryn!

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From the age of five I wanted to be a writer. I have a trunk full of stories I wrote in coloured pens, books I stapled together, self-illustrated covers I designed. They included stories about the Smurfs, or a family of ants after the grass disappeared, or secret treasures to find. But when I became a teenager, I began to write adult novels with adult characters and adult situations.

When I look back and ask myself why this happened, given I loved reading books like Anne of Green Gables and The Outsiders, I think it’s because when I was a teen there wasn’t a YA or teen shelf in my library or bookstore. Anne of Green Gables was lumped into the children’s section, and as I was no longer a child, I no longer read those books or wrote in that genre.Read More »

Q&A with Mark Smith

Today we have another excellent #LoveOzYA interview with an author we love – Mark Smith! Read all about his recent YA release, how he writes, and what some of his favourite #LoveOzYA novels are. We hope you enjoy!

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We loved you novel, The Road To Winter, and it’s sequel. Why did you decide to focus your novel on such a serious topic?

I didn’t really set out to write a serious book. First and foremost I wanted to tell a gripping story because, as a reader, that’s what I look for in fiction. The development of the characters in the dystopian setting I create allows me to explore some deeper issues around violence, the treatment of asylum seekers and climate change. Being an educator, I know one of the best ways of engaging young people in an issue is to personalise it – create characters they feel a deep empathy for, then look at the way they deal with conflict, cruelty and a changed world. Younger readers will relate to them by putting themselves in the characters’ shoes and thinking about how they would deal with such a situation.

What type of research did you have to undertake to ensure that your novels were received well?

I work principally with fifteen year old boys, many of them reluctant readers. So I began by surveying them about their reading habits and putting together a list of what they look for in a novel. Not surprisingly, they wanted suspense, humour, a twist (or three), unpredictability, mystery, a deeper story, thrills, action, a strong climax and not too much description. I added strong female characters, a sixteen year old protagonist and a blooming romance – and I had the framing for the Winter series.Read More »

Aussie Road Trip | Beck Nicholas

Today we have a wonderful post by Aussie author, Beck Nicholas, to share with you! In this piece, she discusses why she loved #LoveOzYA set in Australia and how Australia has such diversity in its landscapes and settings. And road trips! We can’t wait to read her next novel, The Last Days of Us.

Thank you, Beck!

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So happy to be posting here for The YA Room’s #LoveOzYA month! Something I particularly adore about OzYA is when the books are set right here. It could be next door, in my city or down the road (of course in Aussie terms that could be a very long way away indeed). But whether it’s a suburban street or the great outback, Australia has amazing settings that can add to a story in so many ways. It can be terribly/wonderfully mundane, incredibly desolate, achingly impressive or simply familiar to Aussie readers like me and there’s something so great about that.

I also love a road trip book.

There’s something about the character leaving everything behind to go on an adventure. The changing scenery, the tight confines of a car or van, the suspension of the everyday. It makes for a great story. Read More »

Q&A with Sarah Epstein

Sarah Epstein’s Small Spaces is one of the #LoveOzYA debuts coming out next year that we can’t wait to get our hands on, so we couldn’t resist asking her a few questions for our #LoveOzYA Month to learn more about it! This is an interview you don’t want to miss – and you’ll be adding a ton of awesome #LoveOzYA novels to your TBR as well!

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We’re so excited that your debut YA novel, Small Spaces, is being released next year! What was your path to publication like?

Thank you! I’m so excited too! I’d like to say my path to publication was relatively straightforward, but the truth is it took several years of submitting three different manuscripts to agents and editors before Small Spaces found a home. I started writing YA around a decade ago and it took me a few years to finish my first manuscript because I was bringing up babies and running a small business at the same time. I ended up shelving that manuscript after its first round of submissions because I realised it had a couple of major plot issues. But my second manuscript snagged me a US agent and was shopped around to US publishers for the best part of a year, resulting in a disappointingly close call at acquisitions and loads of rejections. I’d started writing Small Spaces by that stage, but ended up parting ways with my agent. It was a really challenging time because I felt like I’d tumbled to the bottom of the heap again, and I really had to pick myself up and keep going. Nicola, my editor from Walker Books, stumbled across my website after I’d just started querying Small Spaces, and after reading a short synopsis on my site, she requested my manuscript the same day. From there it took another nine months of back and forth with Walker, including another revision of the manuscript, before I was offered a contract.Read More »

Q&A with Read3r’s Re-Vu

We’re so thrilled to have this Q&A with Aussie reviewer, Annie McCann! Annie created Read3r’s Re-Vu to help bring readers together, and her determination and hard-work has been such an integral part of the Aussie bookish community. It was great to be able to ask her a few questions!

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I’m Annie McCann, the founder and head co-ordinator of a network of readers called Read3r’z Re-Vu. I created this network (name and all) at the end of 2008 and launched in 2009 and still running! I host sessions once a month with a prescribed theme not book so we can have a wide range of reviews to endorse wide reading. To help drive the network I have a committee that work with me to keep it alive: NJ, Meredith and Sarah.

Over the years we have had Aussie YA authors join us as special guests and have also had the pleasure of hosting exclusive high teas with them too. It means so much to me to have Aussie YA authors part of Read3r’z Re-Vu as they play such an important role in the Australian book industry. I’m an advocate of supporting local talent so having them part of this network supports the fabulous work they do and enables our members to mingle with the brilliant minds behind our favourite reads!!Read More »