Throwback Month

It’s finally here! Say hello to Throwback Month – AKA the month we get to reread all our trashy faves and gush about them! It’s okay, we know you love them, even though you’re still pretending you’re over your The Fault in Our Stars phase. We’ve all been there.

Join us this month to read some of the best (and worst) YA novels published before 2013 and relive a simpler time. A time before the trashfire of a movie Allegiant came out (well, half of it, at least). A time before Instagram’s algorithm wrecked havoc on our bookstagram likes. A time where our biggest memes were Nyan Cat and Grumpy Cat. I wonder how those cats are doing.

Anyway! We hope you’ll be participating by reading some older YA novels and attempting to complete a line of the #ThrowbackBingo board! Don’t forget to check out this post to find out the rules and to hear about all the prizes up for grabs. Exciting!

Today we’ll be sharing the books we’re planning on reading this month in case you need a little bit more inspiration. But it’s pretty simple. If the book you want to read is generally counted as YA (and yes, we’re counting all the Harry Potter books as YA) and it was published before 2013, you can read it for this challenge!

December month (1)

Sarah’s picks:


High school drama

Hush, Hush was one of the first books that ever got me into YA, so of course I jumped at the chance to read it for throwback month! There’s drama, fallen angels, and a whole lot of swoon. What more could I want in a throwback novel? I’m still waiting on the movie I was promised when I was 14 though. I NEED IT IN MY LIFE IMMEDIATELY. I need to see my darling Patch on the big screen.



Ahh, remember the good old vampire days? I think vampires might make a reappearance next year, and I’m so excited! Besides TwilightVampire Academy was one of my absolute favourite vampire series in high school. I was Team Adrian for sure, but I have to admit that I was lowkey obsessed with Lissa as well.



When I was in Year 10, I was 100% ready to get an infinity tattoo, I kid you not. I owned like five copies of The Fault in Our Stars, saw the movie six times, and I still remember more quotes from this novel than I care to admit. I still kind of tear up when I think about the ending, even if I pretend to be all high and mighty and above all that trash. But it’s true. I’m trash to the core.


Groups / factions at war

I’m sorry, but I’m totally an Erudite, as much as I’d love to be Dauntless or even Amity. Not gonna lie – I totally wished I was cool enough to jump on and off of moving trains. I did wear all black for three years though to try and be like Tris. And I’m also afraid of birds, so I think we both have that in common. I’m still salty that Allegiant didn’t get the justice it deserved, but I’m looking forward to experiencing the feels all over again this month.


“Chosen One” trope

I’m sure I’m not the only one who assumed this book was about food when I picked it up. And I’m also sure I’m not the only one who might have picked it up just in case it was about food. Seriously, when am I not thinking about food? But what I got instead was a love triangle that caused feuds in my classes, put me off eating blueberries because I thought they were poisonous for three years, and would give people the three-fingered salute during exams. I was a strange child. This book probably contributed to that.

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Bianca’s picks:


Cassie Clare… and many, many more

I’ve been craving the Shadowhunter world for a while now, and with the hype over the release of Queen of Air and Darkness, and Throwback Month coming up, I thought now was the perfect time to reread the book that started it all! The series is so big now, with a world expanding time and countries, and so many characters in the focus, I just really missed the good old Clary and Jace drama.


Contains magic

I recently started working at a bookshop, and when I learned that one of my coworkers hadn’t read Harry Potter, I knew I had to intervene immediately. Fortunately, the rest of the people I work with had been meaning to reread the series, and so the work-based read along was born. We have a Facebook group and everything.


Orphan main character

I’m being a bit cheeky here because it was published very early 2013 BUT it’s a series I only recently found, and I love it. I recently finished the first in the trilogy, The False Prince, and enjoyed the adventure so much. I wanted to pick this one up straight away but life got in the way, so I’m glad I can use December to finally read it!



Patrick Ness is my latest author obsession, and I’m devouring everything he’s ever written. I bought a beautiful, black-stained edges copy of this book the other day, and I can’t wait to read it. Better late than never, right?

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Shaun’s picks:


Aussie author

First published in 1995

The Old Kingdom series were my high school comfort books. I was never very social at school, and instead of hanging out with friends I had a tendency to find hidden reading nooks. A few of my favourites were the supply room at the back of the art room, and the river behind the school, which in order to get to I had to jump a fence and make a short trip down a steep hill. I grew up in the country, and my high school was on the edge of town, surrounded by farmlands and a pine forest. I alway had to make sure I didn’t stray too far, otherwise I wouldn’t hear the bell ringing. Fortunately, I only got put into detention once.

You can’t imagine my surprise when I found out earlier this year that the series had been expanded in 2014 with Clariel, and in 2016 with Goldenhand.


Has an adaptation 

First published in 2003

I am absolutely terrified to watch the movie adaptation of this book. I have seen the previews, and I can already tell that whoever is responsible for that hot mess should be fired. Or jailed. But that is the curse of adapting a book into a film. You are never going to please everyone. Although, there are a few directors who have managed to pull it off. Directors such as Hayao Miyazaki and his adaption of Diana Wynne Jones’s novel Howl’s Moving Castle.

Inkheart was the first book ever recommend to me. It was by an old high school friend.This book has such a unique premise. Both Maggie and her Father (Mo) have the ability to transport book characters into the real world. How awesome would that be? If you could bring your favourite book character to life, who would it be?

wolf b

Contains Magic

First published in 2004

This series was such a journey, and one that was completely worth it. I wish I could remember how I came across it. Did I find it in a bookshop or was it a birthday gift? As hard as I try, I cannot remember. It is as if it materialised out of nothing, just waiting to be read. If you haven’t heard of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, they are a series of historical fantasy novels set in the Stone Age. We follow our main protagonist Torak and his pack brother Wolf, as they set out to stop a group of power hungry mages from destroying all life in the forest. Just like Harry Potter, I feel that this series bridges the gap between Middle Grade and Young adult.

If you haven’t read these books, do give them a chance. They are truely magical

the queen of

Recently Continued 

First published in 2000

This series has taken for ever to be completed! Recently, Thick as Thieves was released! I have not yet read it, because I feel that it is a must to go back and re-read the first four books first. There is no question about it, I have a lot of reading ahead of me. If you haven’t read this series, I highly suggest giving it a try. And the great thing about it is that you can read it in any order! Oh and did I mention that there is a sixth book coming out next year?


“Chosen One” trope

First published in 2002

Gosh, this book brings back memories. Is it hard to believe that I actually never finished this series. I read the first two books when I was in high school, but I skipped the third book entirely. Well, I read the first four pages and became strangely disinterested. It wasn’t until my first year of uni, did I once again get back into the series. I remember staying awake, reading until 3am instead of written my essay.

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Happy reading from all of us at The YA Room xox

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