Australian Reading Hour | Wrap Up

Yesterday was the annual Australian Reading Hour! Even though every day is spent reading for most of us, the Australian Reading Hour brings together the whole country and encourages everyone to take up the time to pick up a book for an hour. It’s always so great to see everyone participating in the act of reading and spreading the love for all their favourite authors and novels.

This year, we decided to host an epic event to celebrate #LoveOzYA with three of our favourite authors: Sarah Epstein, Steph Bowe, and Melissa Keil! We absolutely adore these three incredible authors and we were so thrilled they could join us for a panel discussion and some silent reading.

Our event was held at the Library at the Dock, overlooking Docklands as the sun began to set, basking the city in a warm orange glow, and we were joined by around 15 YA fans. Our night began with browsing the collection of books available at our book swap (where all funds raised were donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation), and then it was soon time to tuck into the main event.

We had the best time chatting to these three lovely authors about everything from the books that got them into reading, to their writing processes, and even asking them about what elements are necessary to make a novel distinctly ‘Aussie’. It was so interesting to hear all their answers and learn more about what books contributed to creating the type of author they are today. What a treat it was to have them in attendance!

Then we had a break to grab some tea and some sweet treats, then we all formed a big circle and got to do some silent reading. It was great to see what everyone else was reading for the night! Being in a room full of other people reading is honestly the best feeling in the world. The sound of pages turning, tea being sipped, and chocolate being broken off the block helped contribute to the perfect warm atmosphere.

We had an absolute blast at our Australian Reading Hour event with everyone! We’re already looking forward to our next big bookish event. Make sure you follow us on social media to hear all about what we’re planning next!

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