5 Reasons to Read #LoveOzYA | Charlotte Annelise

In this post for #LoveOzYA Month, Charlotte shares five reasons why you should read #LoveOzYA! We couldn’t agree more with this, and if there’s someone in your life you think should read more #LoveOzYA, show them this piece!

Thank you, Charlotte!
The YA Room Logo 2500x2500There are so many great reasons to read #LoveOzYa. From spreading the word around the globe, to reading unique voices from this country, Australian literature is just dying to be read. My name is Charlotte, and in this guest post I am going to be sharing 5 reasons why you should read Australian young adult books. Get ready to run immediately to your nearest bookstore!

1) Spreads the Love of Oz YA Books Around the Globe

Reviewing Oz young adult books online gives international readers an insight into Australian books. As Australia has a fairly small population, we need the support from other countries to ensure our stories are heard everywhere.

In order for people from around the world to know about #LoveOzYA, a great way to share the love is to talk about the books online! You can use the hashtag to gush about a good book you have read, which may prompt someone else to read it too. Posting about great Australian books you have read naturally spreads the enjoyment for these books around the world.

2) #LoveOzYA Keeps the Spirit of Australian Book Publishing Alive

Book publishing is a difficult market to get into, but one way to keep it growing is by buying and reading #LoveOzYA! This ensures more Australian books are published, thereby helping authors spread their amazing writing to the readers who desire their stories. 

Several bookstores went out of business a few years ago, and we want to keep the remaining bookstores thriving with books. One way to do that is by buying Australian books from local bookstores, or online if you are from another country. High book sales will increase the book publishers’ need to publish more books!

3) #LoveOzYA Broadens Your Knowledge of the World

It is really important to read diverse perspectives from other parts of the world to obtain a stronger grasp on what is happening in other countries. I think it is common knowledge that the United States has some great literature. Although this is the case, do not just limit yourself to only reading books from that country! If you live in Australia, then you will be connected with familiar voices that sound like home. If you live in another country, then reading #LoveOzYA will allow you to see into the lives of characters from places inspired by a country from across the globe.

Sometimes it is interesting to read books outside of your own country and, if you are not from Australia, OzYA books is the perfect opportunity to do so. If you like young adult books from the United States or England, then give Australian books a chance too! Receiving different stories around the world can be really fascinating.

4) #LoveOzYA Represents Everyone in Books

A few weeks ago I went to a writer’s festival and one of the panellists told us that several years ago a popular author accused Australian books of not being diverse enough. Since that interaction, Australian publishers have ensured more unique stories are being spread throughout bookstores. Therefore, Australian books are great for quality representation. 

As Australia is a melting pot of nationalities, sexualities and religions, it is imperative that this part of the country is being shown in the writing. Book lovers are well-aware that stories should not be solely filled with straight, white characters, and Australian books have been good at fulfilling this need!

5) #LoveOzYA Books Are Just Simply Great!

Every Australian young adult book is different, and each of them is beckoning you to get lost in their stories. The writers in this country are hard-working individuals with creative minds, and the readership of their books is not as high as they deserve! Give them a go and you will hopefully be able to resonate with their content. 

These were just a few of the reasons why everyone should be reading #LoveOzYA! Can you think of any others?

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