Q&A with Cait Drews (AKA Paper Fury)

Hello again, everyone! Today we have a very special Q&A with Cait AKA Paper Fury AKA C.G. Drews! ALL THREE OF THEM. They might all be the same person, but that’s highly unlikely considering Cait is the queen of Twitter and Instagram and blogging and she’s an author so… I reckon she’s actually multiple beings ruling over different dominions.

Ever since we heard that Cait’s debut novel is being published, we haven’t stopped squealing about it! We’re so happy for her, and as a #LoveOzYA author, we just had to ask her a few questions for our #LoveOzYA Month! We hope you enjoy!

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If you had to describe yourself by naming three bookish characters, which characters would you choose?

Ooh I love this question! So I’d love to say Cath from Fangirl who is a writer and huge booknerd, and Sean Kendrick from The Scorpio Races who is quiet and probably likes magical creatures better than anything else, and also Lazlo Strange from Strange The Dreamer who fell into a book and can’t get up.

Ooh such great choices! As bloggers and readers, all of us must have a piece of Cath within us. And yes, we can definitely relate to falling into a book and not being able to get up.

As a blogger and a writer, what does #LoveOzYA mean to you? Why is it important?  

It’s important to me because it’s my country and people! As a bookworm, my life is pretty flooded with American and British books, so it’s always super amazing to read a book that has Aussie slang and culture and humour woven into it, and I hope to do that with my writing too.

We couldn’t agree more! #LoveOzYA is always so unique to our country, and it’s so important to see stories set in places we’re familiar with or that use the slang we’ve grown up with and know so well.

Speaking of #LoveOzYA, we’re so excited to read your debut novel, A Thousand Perfect Notes, which is being released mid 2018! What can you tell us about your book? Can you spill any secrets?

I can’t say too much so far, apart from what’s in the blurb on Goodreads! Here are a few not-so-secret but not-so-well-known facts though:

  • ATPN stars a pianist and I play piano too!
  • I wrote the 1st draft of the book in June and it’s also being published in June.
  • It has subtle gender-bent Cinderella themes.
  • It features siblings.
  • My protagonist, Beck, is a Hufflepuff!
  • And there may or may not be cake involved.

That sounds phenomenal! CAKE BETTER BE INVOLVED, CAIT.

For those of us that can’t wait to get a copy of your novel, are there any books with similar themes or vibes we could devour to get us in the mood?

You could definitely read If I Stay by Gayle Forman for the music and A List of Cages by Robin Roe for the darker themes! These are also two books I completely adore and highly recommend.

Both of those novels are spectacular! How are we meant to wait until June to get our hands on yours?!

In the meantime, which upcoming #LoveOzYA releases are you most looking forward to reading?

I have to point and shout at Obsidio by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, of course. I’m pretty sure we’ll all be broken afterwards, but I’m prepared! (NO I’M NOT.) I’m also super excited for Ellie Marney’s White Night next year!

cg drewsC.G. Drews lives in Australia with her dog, a piano, and the goal of reading every book in existence. Consequently, her brain has overflowed with words and she spends her days writing novel after novel. She blogs at paperfury.com, never sleeps, and believes in cake for breakfast.

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