Why Write YA? | Nadia King

 Today for our fantastic month of #LoveOzYA goodness, we have a piece by Aussie author Nadia King about why she writes YA! We’re so excited to read her novel, Jenna’s Truth, soon! It sounds absolutely amazing, and we’re always looking for more books to add to our ever-growing TBRs.

Thank you, Nadia!

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A couple of years ago, if you had told me I would be writing YA fiction I would have laughed in your face. It didn’t occur to me to write for a YA audience I kinda just fell into it. My journey into YA fiction started with a Youtube video. Watching it had such an acute impact on me that I abandoned my general fiction manuscript. Instead I picked up my pen to write in response to the video which frankly rocked my world. It didn’t rock my world in a good way, I kinda fell into a hole. Actually it wasn’t really a hole, it was more like a pit of sadness and despair. Oftentimes writers write stories to make sense of the world and sometimes we write to process an emotional response.

My book Jenna’s Truth was written in response to the tragic loss of Canadian teen, Amanda Todd and my story offers an alternative ending to teen suicide. Using words I aspire to draw a human connection. Isn’t that why any writer writes? We cross our fingers and crave to forge a connection through the stories that play out in our minds.

Writing for a YA audience gives writers an opportunity to pen stories that reach marginalised youth. By doing so, we offer a faint glimpse of hope. The reason I write YA fiction is to share the hope I see with the youth I worry about.


N.L.King was born in Dublin, Ireland and now calls Australia home. She is passionate about using stories to connect with teens.

Nadia adores words and enjoys writing short stories such as Triangulo AmorosoDisappointmentThe Peka Peka Expressway and Other Routes to Progress, and Dinner’s Ready.

Jenna’s Truth is her first book. It’s a gripping story which explores the themes of cyberbullying, teen drinking, sex, and suicide, and is a powerful tool to arm teens against bullying.

Nadia lives near the Swan River in Western Australia and is currently working on a coming-of-age YA novel centred on family abuse.


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