Introducing: The YA Room

Hi everyone! Sarah and Alex here, introducing the first official Melbourne-based YA book club –ย The YA Room! We’re launching in 2017, but we’re very excited to share what we’ve been working on with you and meet some more passionate, enthusiastic YA readers!

We’re currently finding the perfect venue for our monthly meet-ups, finalising all our social media platforms and working with publishers and booksellers to organise some really great things for our book club. We’ll keep you all updated with our progress and we’d love to hear your suggestions to! What kind of books would you like to read along with us? What authors would you like to see at our meetings? We’d love to know!

But in order forย The YA Roomย to be a success, we need your help. We’d love to reach out to as many readers as possible and meet likeminded fangirls and fanboys, so you can help us out by sharing our social media sites! We’d really appreciate your support.

Twitter: @TheYARoom_MELB

Facebook: The YA Room

Instagram: @theyaroom

YouTube: The YA Room


If you’d like to know more about us, click onto our About page. If you’ve got any further questions, please leave a comment down below!



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